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Reduce retail stockouts and boost revenues with AI

About This Solution

Avoid lost sales with StockView

Neal Analytics StockView helps retailers avoid lost sales and customers resulting from stockouts by analyzing shelves every five minutes.

Our custom vision AI models run in-store on Azure Stack Edge devices with NVIDIA GPUs, ensuring local team members can replenish shelves, capture sales, delight customers, and better plan their inventory purchases.


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About Neal Analytics

Neal Analytics is a cloud, data, and AI Microsoft Gold Consulting Partner supporting data-driven transformation initiatives from data strategy to solution design, architecture, development, operationalization, and support. Our expertise spans migration and modernization, data science, AI/ML, IoT, edge computing, BI, application development, and RPA. Neal leverages Agile methodologies and flexible engagement models to deliver measurable customer value with a focus on right-sized and pragmatic approaches towards digital transformation.

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