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Putting the chemistry between Microsoft and NVIDIA to work

When the United Kingdom’s National Health Service envisioned an app that could read COVID-19 tests at scale with an accuracy and speed not possible by human readers, Sensyne Health answered the call. The app connects users to a web service that uses AI to deliver an Azure high-performance computing (HPC) solution that’s adeptly orchestrated with NVIDIA Triton Inference Server on graphics processing units. The result: the incredibly fast and accurate MagnifEye solution.

Suppose you could know with a very high degree of accuracy and in just seconds if you have COVID-19. How might that information affect the spread of the virus? The National Health Service (NHS), the United Kingdom’s publicly funded healthcare system, asked that question as it dug into the extraordinary struggle to control the COVID-19 outbreak. It wanted to overcome the issues of response time and the fallibility of reading Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs) with the human eye.

Sensyne Health came up with an answer: its MagnifEye solution, an app for mobile devices that use a device’s camera to capture the LFT stick image and analyze it in tenths of seconds with extraordinary accuracy. It was a matter of combining the right technologies: high-performance computing (HPC) on Microsoft Azure and Azure Cognitive Services, along with NVIDIA graphics processing unit (GPU) acceleration and NVIDIA Triton Inference Server.


Exercising a novel approach to the thorniest health problems

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Saving lives, enhancing healthcare resources for everyone

Andrew Beggs, Consultant Surgeon and Professor of Surgery and Cancer Genetics at the University of Birmingham and University Hospitals Birmingham and advisor to the UK Department of Health and Social Care, has been leading COVID-19 testing for NHS staff in his region. He emphasizes that end user interpretation was a major issue—until MagnifEye. “MagnifEye breaks the chain of infection by reducing the spread of COVID-19,” he says. “We can deliver a result that’s more than 99 percent accurate in less than 2 seconds and make it accessible to anyone with a camera-enabled mobile device and internet access. Earlier identification of COVID-19 infection can help us substantially reduce costs for the NHS.”

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