High-Performance Computing + AI

Azure high-performance computing is a complete set of computing, networking, and storage services integrated with workload orchestration resources to support the widest range of HPC applications.

Unlock Your Innovation

Azure offers HPC engineers, data scientists and researchers with both competitive price/performance against on premises and ease of use through a simple, consolidated interface. When combined with Microsoft’s world-leading AI service APIs, Azure HPC empowers you to produce more intelligent outcomes faster than you ever thought possible.

Case Studies
HPC+AI Making a Difference

Technology only matters if it can make a difference in peoples lives. Read how HPC+AI is impacting organizations and their ability to innovate.

Wildlife Protection Solutions with Microsoft AI for Earth

Wildlife Protection Solutions helps protect the wildest places with Microsoft AI for Earth

Van Gogh Museum with Azure

Van Gogh Museum creates bespoke portraits in WeChat with Azure

Dudek Cloud Workstations

Dudek uses cloud workstations to dramatically reduce drone image processing time, speed emergency response (GPU)

White Papers
Deep Dive into HPC+AI Architecture

Take a look under the hood to understand more specifically how HPC+AI can help you achieve your vision.

Featured white paper

Learn how a unique partnership between a cloud provider and a silicon vendor is stepping up to meet a long unfilled need for the evolution of AI and HPC in this exclusive white paper

Retail Meets AI

Learn more about a new class of large-scale AI models enabling next-generation AI

Unprecedented Scale

Learn more about our massively scalable AI VM

Customer Stories
Real HPC+AI Stories Happening Today

From Azure Machine Learning, to RocketML and NVIDIA GPU Clusters, check out some of the stories below to see how Microsoft Azure and NVIDIA are revolutionizing HPC in the workplace