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Neural Search for next-gen machine language understanding

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A revolutionary change in enterprise search is on the horizon

Enterprise-scale Search Cloud platforms are all about the inclusiveness of results and relevance. However, almost all search technologies today still use variations of two algorithms that have been around as early as the 1970s. While there have been many updates and versions of these themes, improvements in search are hard. They require specialized skills to constantly tune and customize search results, which is too costly for most enterprises.

As a result, on average, individual employees spend 400 hours each year searching for information to do their job, and often do not find what they need, when they need it. This can result in millions of dollars in operational costs and lost business opportunities. Relevance has been a challenge at scale — most employees expect a Google-like experience at work, searching seamlessly across all the content created within their organization's firewall. Unlike web search, enterprise search is far more complex. The information is contained in multiple applications, building silos of knowledge, and the volume of content is enormous. A large organization can store billions of documents, which all need to be searched securely.

Moreover, most enterprise search systems produce relevant search results using statistical or world-based methods but are less effective regarding natural language queries. To overcome those limitations, we have developed neural or language-based search to materially improve the relevance of search results for natural language queries by using deep neural nets to foster information retrieval.


Advancing enterprise search relevance with Microsoft and NVIDIA

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What to expect from Neural Search

Neural search is in beta now and GA by the end of the year. We are excited to enable our partners and customers to unlock new use cases and applications by leveraging the combined power of Sinequa’s advanced NLP capabilities and cloud computing technology of Azure and NVIDIA GPUs. Welcome to the future of intelligent enterprise.

About Sinequa

Neural Search represents the first significant evolution in enterprise search technology in decades. It will change how search relevancy performs on unstructured text-based content like office documents, PDFs, and emails.

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