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Explore how NVIDIA AI and Microsoft Cloud accelerate ROI, improve data-backed decisions and enhance customer experiences for banks, insurers and traders.

Fraud Detection

Fraud costs and attacks are on the rise. Traditional methods to combat fraud either detect fraud after it happens or cannot keep pace with the volume and sophistication of the attacks. A better approach is to employ real-time fraud detection and prevention. The computational requirements of such an approach can be met with cloud-based, GPU-accelerated artificial intelligence.

Next Best Action

On some of the largest commercial platforms, recommendations account for as much as 30 percent of revenue, which can translate into billions of dollars in sales. That’s why banks and insurance companies are using recommender systems to drive every action consumers take, from visiting a webpage to prioritizing which debt to pay off first. Recommenders also increase conversion by providing personalized messages to consumers, improving customer loyalty and satisfaction with the bank.

AI in Payments

Transferring money to friends and family. Paying bills online. Using your phone to check out at the grocery store. Payments—online, mobile, in-store, business to consumer (B2C), and business to business (B2B)—power the global economy. AI can help banking firms better detect and prevent payment fraud and improve processes for anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) systems.

Customer Experience

Conversational AI is enabling consumers to manage all types of financial transactions, from bill payments and money transfers to opening new accounts. By offering these self-service interactions, banks can free customer service agents to focus on higher-value interactions and transactions.

Algorithmic Trading

Financial institutions using legacy data centers can no longer keep up with the massive amounts of data and analysis required for today’s fast-paced stock trading. Algorithmic trading using AI and ML that don’t require human analysis are becoming the norm for stock trading. Microsoft and NVIDIA provide advanced hardware, cloud, AI, and software solutions for algorithmic trading to meet the needs of the digital age.

White Papers
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Take a look under the hood to understand how AI in finance through NVIDIA can help you achieve your vision.

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The need for an AI-first infrastructure firmly established by Natural Language Processing from use cases such as speech enabled food kiosks & self-driving vehicles.

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Explore how financial institutions can boost risk management, improve security, reduce fraud, and enhance customer experiences with AI

AI in Finance

See how NVIDIA is utilizing cutting edge technology to redefine how the restaurant industry works

Transforming Financial Services with Data-Driven Insights

See how NVIDIA helps companies monitor financial performance helping them uncover new opportunities.

Enhancing Customer Experience using Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Take advantage of cloud and GPU NLP-enhanced AI services with NVIDIA and Microsoft Azure

Using Cloud-Based, GPU-Accelerated AI for Payments

Customers now expect digital payment transactions to be processed instantaneously and securely.

Using Cloud-Based, GPU-Accelerated AI for Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading using AI and ML that doesn't require human analysis are becoming the norm for stock trading.

Gain a Competitive Edge using Cloud-Based, GPU-Accelerated AI KYC Recommender Systems

AI KYC recommender system analysis can yield valuable insights on client buying behavior to suggest specific services and personalized offers to individual customers.

Using Cloud-Based, GPU-Accelerated AI for Fraud Detection

Financial services institutions are using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to spot fraud in the making in real-time and prevent it from happening.

Using Cloud-Based, GPU-Accelerated Systems for AML Fraud Detection

Using AL and ML algorithms running on GPU-based cloud solutions can analyze patterns in financial data to accurately identify money laundering transactions.

Using Cloud-Based, GPU-Accelerated AI Recommender Systems

Using cloud-based, GPU accelerated AI and ML solutions removes barriers financial service institutions face in developing AI and ML recommender algorithms.

Using Cloud-Based, GPU-Accelerated AI to Track Identity Fraud

Financial institutions need adaptive AI technology to address the ever-increasing complexity of identity fraud. Microsoft and NVIDIA provide solutions to help protect customers.

Using Cloud-Based, GPU-Accelerated AI for Financial Risk Management

Financial organizations need transformative technology to address the complexity of managing financial risk and meeting regulatory requirements. Microsoft and NVIDIA solutions work to meet that need.

Azure GPUs with Riskfuel’s technology offer 20 million times faster valuation of derivatives

In times of increased volatility, traders and their managers need to know the impacts of market conditions on a given instrument as the day unfolds to be able to take appropriate action.

Effective Financial Fraud Detection Solution

Using AL and ML algorithms running on GPU-accelerated cloud-based solutions can analyze patterns in financial data to accurately identify fraudulent transactions.

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