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Discover how NVIDIA AI + Microsoft Cloud accelerate restaurants' operational efficiency, delivery times, and customer satisfaction levels

Speech-Enabled Food Kiosks

NVIDIA Omniverse™ Avatar connects NVIDIA’s technologies. The characters are ray-traced 3D graphics that can see, speak and converse on a wide range of subjects, even understanding naturally spoken intent.​

These avatars can automate ordering in restaurants and drive-through kiosks by chatting with and understanding customers when they order from the menu even making recommendations for cross- and up-selling.

Customer Order Analytics

Leveraging NVIDIA Metropolis to deploy intelligent video analytics (IVA) across stores and restaurants delivers the rich data and insights that help managers improve efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and make critical decisions faster.

Leading QSRs are using IVA to improve queue and wait-time management, curbside pickup services, production quality and food safety, sanitation management, exterior and interior security, and consumer engagement.

Forecasting & Inventory Optimization​

NVIDIA-Certified Systems™ and NVIDIA RAPIDS™ data science libraries enable scientists to reduce extract, transform, and load (ETL) operations, train models faster, and Improve forecast accuracy. QSRs can run forecasts more frequently and improve forecast accuracy by as much as 20 percent to ensure they have the right products to meet customer orders.​

Featured white paper
NVIDIA GPUs on Azure

The need for an AI-first infrastructure has been firmly established by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and increasingly so from use cases such as speech enabled food kiosks and self-driving vehicles. The only style of infrastructure capable of handling such demands is one that can not only scale up to take advantage of accelerators within a server, but also scale out to embrace many servers distributed across a network. Microsoft Azure is the only public cloud that offers purpose-built AI supercomputers –i.e., massively scalable scale-up-and-out IT infrastructures comprised of Mellanox InfiniBand interconnected NVIDIA Ampere A100 Tensor Core GPUs. Learn more about how to build and operationalize AI, Machine and Deep Learning models of any scale.

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