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A quick start guide to benchmarking AI models in Azure: MLPerf Inference v2.1

Explore this guide and learn about benchmarking AI models while checking out benchmarks using virtual machine GPUs

Azure GPUs with Riskfuel’s technology offer 20 million times faster valuation of derivatives

In times of increased volatility, traders and their managers need to know the impacts of market conditions on a given instrument as the day unfolds to be able to take appropriate action.

Using Cloud-Based, GPU-Accelerated AI for Financial Risk Management

Financial organizations need transformative technology to address the complexity of managing financial risk and meeting regulatory requirements. Microsoft and NVIDIA solutions work to meet that need.

Using Cloud-Based, GPU-Accelerated AI to Track Identity Fraud

Financial institutions need adaptive AI technology to address the ever-increasing complexity of identity fraud. Microsoft and NVIDIA provide solutions to help protect customers.

Using Cloud-Based, GPU-Accelerated Systems for AML Fraud Detection

Using AL and ML algorithms running on GPU-based cloud solutions can analyze patterns in financial data to accurately identify money laundering transactions.

Using Cloud-Based, GPU-Accelerated Systems for AML Fraud Detection

Using AL and ML algorithms running on GPU-based cloud solutions can analyze patterns in financial data to accurately identify money laundering transactions.

Using Cloud-Based, GPU-Accelerated AI for Fraud Detection

Financial services institutions are using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to spot fraud in the making in real-time and prevent it from happening.

Gain a Competitive Edge using Cloud-Based, GPU-Accelerated AI KYC Recommender Systems

AI KYC recommender system analysis can yield valuable insights on client buying behavior to suggest specific services and personalized offers to individual customers.

Using Cloud-Based, GPU-Accelerated AI for Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading using AI and ML that doesn't require human analysis are becoming the norm for stock trading.

Using Cloud-Based, GPU-Accelerated AI for Payments

Customers now expect digital payment transactions to be processed instantaneously and securely.

Enhancing Customer Experience using Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Take advantage of cloud and GPU NLP-enhanced AI services with NVIDIA and Microsoft Azure

Transforming Financial Services with Data-Driven Insights

See how NVIDIA helps companies monitor financial performance helping them uncover new opportunities.

Boosting AI Model Inference Performance on Azure Machine Learning

Explore this guide and learn how to deploy and optimize Model Inference with NVIDIA Triton, ONNX Runtime, and Azure Machine Learning.

Practical Federated Learning with Azure Machine Learning

The combination of Azure ML and NVIDIA NVFlare enables rapid realization even for global Federated Learning deployments and provides significant benefits in terms of compliance, data protection, manageability and traceability.

NVIDIA AI Platform Delivers Big Gains for Large Language Models

NVIDIA is announcing updates to the NeMo Megatron framework that provide training speed-ups of up to 30%.

Quick Reference Guide: NVIDIA Triton Inference Server

Deploy, run, and scale AI models in production with ease

Optimizing and deploying ONNX Runtime-TensorRT on NVIDIA GPUs

Achieve low latency, high throughput inference for transformer-based models while maintaining FP32 accuracy

Life of Pie: How AI Delivers at Domino’s

Pizza giant taps NVIDIA GPUs to bring AI to your neighborhood store

Customer Service Kiosk with NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar for Project Tokkio

NVIDIA creates an AI to help automate ordering in restaurants and kiosks

NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar

NVIDIA announces platform for creating AI avatars

QSR, NVIDIA & Fast-food

Roots in the gaming industry help this company stand out in a sea of self-service kiosk options

Vistry to Take a Bite Out of Fast-Food Labor Crunch

Vistry’s drive-through automated ordering system for quick-service restaurants could help address growing labor crunch

Build and Deploy Applications Faster on Azure Machine Learning

From precise product recommendations to accelerated drug discovery, enterprises are adopting AI to deliver cutting-edge products and services

IRCCS San Raffaele: Identifying High-risk COVID-19 Patients with AI

Providing medical personnel with detailed information to begin treatment swiftly

Covid Caught on Camera: Startup's Sensors Keep Hospitals Safe

Whiteboard coordinator deploys GPU-powered systems to fend off the coronavirus

Azure GPUs with Riskfuel’s Technology Offer Faster Valuation of Derivatives

An extremely fast model without sacrificing accuracy

Azure Machine Learning Service Now Supports NVIDIA’s RAPIDS

Unlocking better performance and accelerating machine learning for all

Real-Time Inference on NVIDIA GPUs in Azure Machine Learning

Cost-effective, turnkey GPU inferencing for delivering AI models at scale