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NVIDIA & Microsoft Azure

The NVIDIA & Microsoft Azure partnership was created to enable the customers of both companies to unlock new opportunities from GPU-acceleration in the cloud to the edge.

Through this partnership, our customers and partners are changing how movies are made, revolutionizing how capital markets assess their portfolio risk, delivering real-time analytics in manufacturing simulations, and so much more.

NVIDIA DeepStream Development with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft and NVIDIA have partnered to create a new Learning Path available on the Microsoft Learn Platform, titled “NVIDIA DeepStream development with Microsoft Azure.” This collection of modules guides developers in creating production-ready Intelligent Video Applications (IVAs) that can apply optimized audio and computer vision AI modelsto multiple input sources using features available in the latest release of the NVIDIA DeepStream SDK.

Developers will learn how to build cross-platform container workloads that can be deployed to server or edge hardware using the DeepStream Graph Composer development environment. With NVIDIA DeepStream and Microsoft Azure IoT Services, we are able to support the latest in AI development tooling to drive scalable deployment of AI solutions in the cloud and on the edge.

NVIDIA DeepStream development with Microsoft Azure

Featured white paper
Bridging the gap from medical imaging AI development.

Nuance and NVIDIA have partnered to bring medical imaging‑specific machine learning development frameworks directly into clinical workflows. Enabling the safe and effective validation and evaluation of medical imaging models.