Accelerate secure edge computing with
NVIDIA + Microsoft

Azure Stack Edge Pro 2
Enterprise scale and performance for your edge workloads

Purpose-built hardware-as-a-service with Azure Stack Edge Enterprise scale and performance for your edge workloads. Bring hardware acceleration to a diverse set of Machine Learning workloads with NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU. Compact form factor optimized for edge and branch locations.

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NVIDIA GTC 2022 Session
Transforming AI and ML at the Edge with Microsoft and NVIDIA

NVIDIA and Microsoft are working together to transform AI and machine learning, leveraging the power of the GPU at the edge combined with Azure AI services. Discover how to accelerate edge AI with Azure Percept and Azure Stack HCI, and other Azure services that simplify AI and machine learning training and deployment at scale, as well as making it more accessible to non-developers and data scientists. Also get a glimpse of what’s to come next with edge AI and internet-of-things innovation from Microsoft.

Drive Business Transformation with NVIDIA GPU and Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Powered Solutions

See how NVIDIA and Microsoft accelerated edge computing provides superior end-user and operational experiences that organizations demand.

Lasting connections with customers
Dover Fueling Solutions Delivers Transformative Value Using Azure

Dover Fueling Solutions is building the fuel management and convenience store ecosystem of the future, which is powered by Azure and Azure Stack Edge Pro with NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU.

This smart IoT solution empowers store operators to optimize site operations and deliver seamless, low friction consumer experiences that create brand value and lasting connections with customers.

Azure Certified Devices

The Azure Certified Device program is your one stop for easily differentiating, promoting, and finding IoT devices built to run on Azure. From intelligent cameras to connected sensors to edge infrastructure, learn how this enhanced IoT device certification program can help you save valuable time.